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2020-Tape Works at A-Z presents, Berlin: wall
2020-Tape Works at A-Z presents, Berlin. Detail form the wall
2020-New Year card Ems and Niklaus, in English
2020-New Year card Ems and Niklaus in German
2020-CD Cover The Workers
2020-CD Cover Peter Schaerli rumrum
2020-CD Cover J.B. Lewis-Chad Taylor
2019-Wine glasses with jazz designs for Weinhandlung am Küferweg
2019-Ringer und Schwinger Halle Willisau. (Wrestling)
2019-Ringer und Schwinger Halle (Wrestling)
2019-New Year card for Ems and Niklaus Troxler
2019-New Year card for Ems and Niklaus Troxler
2019-LP cover Mozg Injectors feat. Fred Frith
2019-LP cover Marianne Racine - Common Ground
2019-Label for Probier Paket, Weinhandlung am Küferweg, Seon
2019-Das Ziel ist im Weg. Letter press edition printed in Speyer/Germany. 2
2019-Das Ziel ist im Weg. Letter press edition printed in Speyer/Germany
2019-CD cover Peter Schärli: Peace Now!
2019-CD cover for Widmer-Stauss - Duos
2019-CD cover for Fischermann Orchestra
2018-New Year card for Niklaus and Ems Troxler
2018-CD Tiefenrausch Fischersmanns Orchestra
2018-CD cover Peter Schärli: So auch!
2018-"Respect! The History of Fire Music" by Christian Bröckin. Bood Cover
2017-New Year card Ems and Niklaus Troxler
2017-LP cover for Johnny Mbizo Dyani African Bass Solo
2016-Stage Face. Typeface by Niklaus Troxler
2016-New Year card Niklaus and Ems Troxler
2016-Irène Schweizer, book cover
2016-CD cover Musical Monsters
2015-New Year card Ems and Niklaus
2015-CD cover Ray Anderson's Organic Quartet
2015-CD Cover Peter Schärli
2015-CD Cover Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers
2014-New Year Card Ems and Niklaus Troxler
2014-CD Cover Pheeroan ak Laff
2014-Almut Kühne-Gebhard Ullmann. CD Cover
2013-New Year Card
2013-Book Cover
2012-New Year Card
2012-CD Cover Ray Anderson Pocket Brass Band
2012-All Decks. CD-Cover
2012- 65 Years TDC New York, Number 21
2011-New Year Card
2011-Gelman Project Tokyo TDC
2010-OM, CD cover
2010-New Year Card Troxlers
2010-CD cover for Ray Anderson-Marty Ehrlich Quartet
2009-New Year Card Ems and Niklaus Troxler
2009-CD cover Dave Holland Octet
2008-Plastic Umbrella for exhibition at Creation Gallery Tokyo
2008-New Year Card Niklaus and Ems Troxler
2008-New Year Card for State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart
2008-Flag for Reiden Brass Band
2008-CD cover Dave Holland Sextet
2008-CD cover Aki & The Good Boys
2007-Niklaus Troxler 60
2007-New Year Card Niklaus and Ems Troxler
2007-Exhibition Grillo Theater Essen
2007-CD cover Anthony Braxton
2006-New Year Card Troxler
2006-CD cover Irène Schweizer, Intakt Records
2006-CD cover Dave Holland Quintet
2005-Jeans for Creation Gallery Tokyo
2005-CD cover Dave Holland Big Band
2004-Wine Camino Caracoles
2004-Reclam Box Jazz Classics
2004-Bottle design Ringli liquor
2004-Book cover for Literature guide/Reclam
2004-Beach towel for VISA
2003-Font "Festival"
2003-Flag for Police corps Lucerne
2002-Oreos, John Coltrane
2002-Oreos, Coleman Hawkins
2002-Kids, typeface by Niklaus Troxler
2002-Font "Kids"
2002-Font "Jazz"
2001-Reclam Music Guide
2001-Reclam Art Guide
2001-Flag for Choir
2001-CD cover Cecil Taylor
2000-EPA Shopping bag
1999-Ringli Biscuit Box
1999-Millenium Liquor
1999-Furoshiki for Creation Gallery, Tokyo
1998-Watch for GGG Gallery, Tokyo
1998-Santiago de Chile, Museo de Bellas Artes
1998-Ringli box
1998-Reclam Jazz Guide
1998-Decor for Sigg pans
1997-Post stamp
1996-Williams bottle
1996-Ringli Biscuit Box
1996-Post stamp
1996-Book cover Bix Beiderbecke/Oreos
1995-School, fassade
1995-Credit suisse, stairway 2
1995-Credit Suisse, stairway
1995-Alfred Escher House/Credit Suisse
1994-Distillery, front
1994-Book cover Louis Armstrong/Oreos
1994-Book cover Anthony Braxton/Oreos
1993-Post stamp
1993-Magazine DU, Cover
1993-Book cover Stan Getz/Oreos
1992-Somehus Sursee. Cultural Center
1992-CD cover Archie Shepp-Horace Parlan
1991-Zofingen City Hall
1991-Zofingen city hall
1991-Zofingen city hall
1991-Zofingen city hall
1991-Swatch "Fläck"
1991-CD cover Alpine Jazz Herd
1991-CD Box Anthony Braxton Quartet
1991-Book cover Sunny Rollins/Oreos
1991-Book cover Niklaus Troxler Posters/Oreos
1990-Closets for Wellis AG
1984-Slickaphonics, LP Cover
1984-Coe, Oxley & Coe, LP cover
1983-Max Roach - The Long March, LP Cover
1977-LP Tandem
1976-LP Willi The Pig
1976-LP Kirikuki/OM
1976-LP Isipingo
1972-Le jardin parfumé, Book Cover
1972-La dame et le fou, Book cover
1972-Interior photo studio, Paris
1972-Interior photo studio, Paris
1968-New year card

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