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2021-Voilà. 30 Jahre Rathausbühne Willisau
2021-Tape it easy. Installation at KKLB Beromünster
2021-Tape & Jazz. Live Taping at bau 4, Altbüron
2021-Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mouth
2021-Lina Allemano Four
2021-Exhibition at Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
2021-Durchhalten, Geduld, bald
2021-Demo Cracy
2021-Christoph Grab Blossom
2020-Typomania Moscow
2020-Solidarity 2020: Keep Distance
2020-New Year poster
2020-Lukas Mantel Sextet "Vardah" at bau 4, Altbüron
2020-For jazz concert with Butcher-Niggenkemper-Studer-Blume
2020-For concert with Luca Sisera Roofer at bau 4, Altbüron
2020-For concert with "Great Harry Hillman" at bau 4, Altbüron
2020-For concert at bau 4 with Evans-Kosack-Gropper-Sand-Steidle
2020-Exhibition Tape Works by Niklaus Troxler at A-Z Gallery Berlin
2020-100 Years Fellini


2019-The Workers. Concert at bau 4, Altbüron
2019-The Samuel Blaser Quartet
2019-Personal project
2019-Personal project
2019-Lucas Niggli. Alchemia Garden
2019-Kali. Jazz concert at bau 4/Altbüron
2019-For Kinmen Peace, China
2019-Ellery Eskelin-Christian Weber-Michael Griener. Concert at bau 4, Altbüron
2019-AMR Jazz Festival Geneva
2018-This is Pan. Jazz concert at bau 4/Altbüron
2018-Skein Quartet, Jazz at bau 4, Altbüron
2018-Revolution/Love. For "Mut zur Wut"
2018-Poster for "tschutti heftli", FIFA world cup, final
2018-Peter Schärli: Peace Now!
2018-In The Sea, Jazz concert at bau 4/Altbüron
2018-For Jazz concert with Aki Takase and Alexander von Schlippenbach at bau 4/Altbüron
2018-Fischermanns Orchestra
2018-Facebook, for "Mut zur Wut"
2018-Christy Doran Sound Fountain
2018-70 Years of Israel
2017-Zooom concert at bau 4 in Altbüron
2017-World Wide Willisau - Retrospective Niklaus Troxler at Sankturbanhof Sursee
2017-Tolerance. Travelling exhibition org. by Mirko Ilic/Anfachen Award Hamburg, winning poster (in Englsh)
2017-Simon Spiess Trio
2017-Silke Eberhard Trio at bau 4, Altbüron
2017-Poster for Ilog & Guests concert at bau 4, Altbüron
2017-Pierre Favre Drum Sights
2017-NT exhibition at Folkwang Museum in Essen/Germany
2017-Niklaus Troxler exhibition at Rappaz Museum in Basel
2017-Madrid, La Ciudad Ligera
2017-For Exhibition "Niklaus Troxler - Les Affiches du Jazz à Willisau" in Cully
2017-Art&Jazz, Sursee ich
2017 Soko Steidle, bau 4
2016-Yves Theiler Trio, bau 4, Altbüron
2016-Tree Ear. Jazz poster bau 4
2016-Tanzjahr 2016, year of dance, Germany
2016-Schnellertollermeier, concert poster for bau 4
2016-OM, Jazz concert poster, bau4, Altbüron
2016-OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival Shenzhen/China
2016-Lina Allemano Group at bau 4
2016-Exhibition Schloss Wiligrad, near Schwerin/Germany
2016-Exhibition Ann Arbor
2016-Eine offene Schweiz, s.v.p.! (An open Switzerland, please!), Mut zur Wut/Courage for Rage 2016 Heidelberg/Mannheim
2016-Die Abmahnung. Jazz concert bau 4 Altbüron
2016-AGI Congress Seoul.
2016-25 Years of Rathausbühne Willisau
2015-Sörenberg-Flühli, tourisme
2015-Swiss Posters now. AGI congress exhibition
2015-Jon Rose-Meinrad Kneer-Richard Barrett
2015-Exhibition at PAN, Emmerich
2015-Coexistence, AGI Poster project congress Biel/Bienne
2015-Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers
2015-130 Years of the birth of Sonia Delaunay
2014-Uli Kempendorff & Friends
2014-Perpetual Delirium, ARTE Quartet
2014-Lucien Dubuis Trio
2014-Klangerlebnis - Sound Experience
2014-Irène Schweizer-Pierre Favre
2014-International Carnival in Willisau
2014-Du bist einzigartig!(You are unique), Courage for Rage
2014-Der Chinese/The Chinese. Theater
2014-Christy Doran's New Bag
2014-AGI Sao Paulo
2014-50 Years Jazz at the Aula, Baden/Switzerland
2013-Voice & Bass. Andreas Schaerer and Bänz Oester
2013-Terrence McManus/Yves Theiler
2013-Tax flight to Switzerland (Steuerflucht)
2013-Perlen für die Säule
2013-George Schuller Trio
2013-Fred Frith solo
2013-120th Anniversary of Vladimir Mayakowsky
2012-Wadada Leo Smith-John Lindberg
2012-The suicide. Theater Poster
2012-Silke Eberhard-Gerry Hemingway
2012-Public Bikes, San Francisco
2012-Pierre Favre Solo Percussion
2012-Dave Liebman-Ellerery Eskelin Quartet
2012-Craig Taborn Piano Solo
2012 Stephan Crump with Rosetta Trio
2011-Taylor Ho Bynum-Tomas Fujiwara
2011-Posters for Fortune.TDC NY
2011-Pierre Favre-Samuel Blaser
2011-Niklaus Troxler in Tehran. Exhibition Poster
2011-Kakojazz with Ray Anderson
2011-Anthony Coleman-Almut Kühne
2011-25 Years since Chernobyl
2010-Swiss Posters of the 21st Century
2010-Plakat Kunst Hof Rüttenscheid Preis and Jazz Pott
2010-Mut zur Wut - Schluss mit der Schwarzmalerei( Enough of that Doome and Gloome!)
2010-Missing Fukuda. Memorial Exhibition Poster
2010-Lucien Dubuis Trio
2010-Literature Days
2010-Joe McPhee Survival Unit III
2010-Jazz Pott Rüttenscheid for Christof Lauer
2010-International Wheel Chair Marathon
2010-Gebhard Ullmann-Almut Kühne
2010-Don Quixote. Theater


2009-Oliver Lake-Christian Weber-Dieter Ulrich
2009-Niklaus Troxler WilliSAU bei PIGasus Berlin
2009-New Year Boesch Silkscreen Company
2009-Missing Fukuda
2009-Jazz Pott for Xu Fengxia, Concert at Essen Philharmony
2009-Jazz im Bild
2009-Jazz Festival Willisau 3-teilig
2009-Jazz Festival Willisau 1-teilig
2009-Charles Gayle solo
2009-Alexander von Schlippenbach Solo Piano
2008-Xu Fengxia-Joe Fonda-Michael Vatcher
2008-Wheel chair marathon
2008-Plakat Kunst Hof Rüttenscheid Preis, Essen D
2008-New Year Boesch Silkscreen Company
2008-Mark Helias & Open Loose
2008-Literaturtage (Litarature Days)
2008-John Tchicai Trio
2008-Jazz Festival Willisau
2008-Günther Baby Sommer & Greek Connection
2008-Der Rote Bereich
2008-Amina Claudine Myers solo
2008-4x Troxler, Exhibition Hangzhou
2008-20 Years Linia Grafic Moscow
2007-Plakat Kunst Hof Preis Rüttenscheid
2007-Niklaus Troxler in New York
2007-Niklaus Troxler exhibition in Essen
2007-Niklaus Troxler en Cuba
2007-New Year Boesch Silkscreen Company
2007-Music is my only friend, exhibition Hannover
2007-Max Nagl-Otto Lechner-Bradley Jones
2007-Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Quartet.gross
2007-Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Quartet
2007-Jesus and the three Maries. Theatre
2007-Jazz Pott
2007-Jazz Festival Willisau
2007-Ellery Eskelin Trio
2007-Charles Gayle Trio
2007-Bass Drum Bone
2007-Aki Takase-Silke Eberhard
2007-50 Years Helvetica
2006-Peter Schärli Trio feat. Ithahara Koorax
2006-New Year Boesch Silkscreen Company
2006-Muthspiel & Muthspiel/Essen
2006-Marty Ehrlich Quartet
2006-Joe McPhee Trio X
2006-Jazz Festival Willisau, big
2006-Jazz Festival Willisau
2006-Istanbul, seen by Niklaus Troxler. For Grafist '06
2006-Int. Wheel chair marathon
2006-In memory of Morteza Momayez
2006-Hommage to the street philosopher Emil Manser
2006-Hommage à Henryk Tomaszewski
2006-Gianluigi Trovesi-Gianni Coscia
2006-Cross Thinkers
2005-WWF Clima
2005-Welcome 2005 for Silkscreen Bösch
2005-Trevor Watts-Jamie Harris
2005-Tim Berne Acoustic Hard Cell
2005-Three Times Living, theater
2005-Jazz Festival Willisau big
2005-Jazz Festival Willisau
2005-Cologne Saxophone Mafia
2005-Bob Stewart-Arthur Blythe
2005-Berlin seen by Niklaus Troxler. AGI congress Berlin
2005-Annette Lenz exhibition, Essen
2005 Joey Baron Group Killer Joey
2004-Wheel chair marathon Schenkon
2004-Uri Caine, Essen
2004-Melk Imboden, Essen
2004-Jazz Festival large
2004-Jazz Festival
2004-Flux Design Biennale
2004-FIFA worldcup, proposal 2
2004-FIFA worldcup, proposal 1
2004-Children are the Rythmn of the World
2003-Simon Nabatov
2003-Plakativ, Type conference
2003-Plakat Kunst Hof
2003-New Year Boesch Silkscreen Company
2003-Jazz Festival
2003-Farmers War
2003-Ethnic Heritage
2003-Cuong Vu
2003-Ceramics Willisau
2003-Brad Shepik
2002-Rollchair Marathon
2002-Remember Kowald
2002-Pharmacists Association of Lucerne
2002-New Years Eve
2002-New Bag
2002-Ellery Eskelin
2002-culture exchange Willisau-Altdorf
2002-Children are the Rythmn of the World
2001-Swiss Posters
2001-Simon Picard
2001-Salon des Cents
2001-Niklaus Troxler awarded poster exhibition
2001-New Years Eve
2001-Marc Ribot
2001-Kenny Wheeler
2001-Jazz Festival Willisau, large
2001-Jazz Festival
2001-Harry Sokal
2001-Fête de la musique
2001-David Murray
2001-Black and White Posters
2000-Typhoid Mary
2000-Rollchair Marathon
2000-Love in the Fridge
2000-Living Heritage Hongkong
2000-Jazz Italia
2000-Jazz Festival large
2000-Jazz Festival
2000-Echoes of Techno
2000-Bourquin Francioli large


1999-Trovesi-Coccia large
1999-Summer night's dream
1999-Ned Rothenberg
1999-Jazz Festival large
1999-Erotic Posters
1999-Art in the Newspaper
1999-Agi Poster Exhibition
1998-Uwe Kropinski Guitar Solo, large
1998-Tim Berne's Paraphrase
1998-Steve Coleman
1998-New Years Eve
1998-Movie Posters
1998-Marc Ribot
1998-Logo Festival Beijing
1998-Jazz Strings
1998-Jazz Festival large
1998-Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone
1998-Fred Frith
1997-Two Basses
1997-SOS Children Villages
1997-Seeking Gold
1997-Ray Anderson Alligatory Band
1997-Jazz Festival Willisau
1997-Help for abused Kids large
1997-Guy le Querrec
1997-Andrew Cyrille Trio
1996-Typo Posters, Exhibition
1996-Trio 3, large
1996-The Forest
1996-Switzerland and the European Community
1996-Play Hendrix
1996-Marty Ehrlich
1996-Mark Helias
1996-Joey Baron
1996-Hans Reichel Guitar Solo
1996-Bobby Previte
1995-Who laughs last ...
1995-Tim Berne-Mark Helias
1995-Kronos Quartet
1995-Jazz Festival Willisau
1995-David Murray-Octofunk
1995-Dave Holland
1995-Boesch Silkscreen Company
1994-The Grinches
1994-Olma, Agriculture fair, St. Gallen
1994-Niklaus Troxler Poster Exhibition, Burgdorf
1994-Music of Coleman
1994-Mostly Mozart Festival, Tokyo
1994-Marty Ehrlich Quartet
1994-Les Diaboliques
1994-Jazz Festival
1994-Elsi, the curious maiden
1994-Anne Frank
1993-World Saxophone
1993-The Laughing
1993-Stop Violence
1993-Staedtli Carnival
1993-Music of Jimi Hendrix
1993-Jazz Festival
1993-Herbert Leupin Posters
1993-Heiri Känzig
1992-The Modern Jazz Quartet
1992-The Melody Four
1992-Roscoe Mitchell
1992-Leisure Center Willisau
1992-Jazz Festival
1992-Fred Wesley
1992-Dead Trees
1992-Anthony Cox
1992-Affiches Niklaus Troxler-Collex
1991-Theatre Fever
1991-The laughing of the sheeps
1991-Stairways Tales
1991-Regugee Talks by Bert Brecht
1991-Randy Weston & African Rhythms Duo
1991-Oliver Lake
1991-Niklaus Troxler Poster Exhibition
1991-Motor Show Geneva
1991-Jazz Festival
1991-James Blood Ulmer
1991-International Music Festival Lucerne
1991-David Murray-Kahil El'Zabar
1991-CH 700 Years - The Tradition
1991-CH 700 Years - The four cultures
1991-CH 700 Years - Solidarity
1991-CH 700 Years - Opening in Bellinzona
1991-CH 700 Years - Final event in Basel
1991-Anthony Braxton
1991-15 Years Little Theater Lucerne
1990-Willem Breuker
1990-The Disgust
1990-South African Jazz
1990-Mr. Puntila
1990-Lisca large 3
1990-Lisca large 2
1990-Lisca large 1
1990-Gary Thomas


1989-Mein Kampf (My Fight) by George Tabori
1989-London Jazz Composer's Orchestra
1989-Jazz Festival
1989-Hunting Scenes
1989-Cecil Taylor
1989-Bobby Burri and others
1989-Anthony Braxton Trio
1988-Wirz Publicity is looking for talents
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 9
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 8
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 7
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 6
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 5
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 4
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 3
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 2
1988-Vaterland - Newspaper Poster Series 1
1988-Tribute to Goodman
1988-The Avantgarde goes Blues
1988-Tania Maria
1988-Ray Anderson Quartet
1988-Olma Agriculture fair, St. Gallen
1988-Maria Joao-Aki Takase
1988-Little Westbrook Music
1988-Jazz Festival Willisau
1988-Environmental Days Lucerne
1988-Daniel Humair Reunion
1988-Carmen McRae
1988-African Echoes
1987-Youth Symphony Orchestra
1987-Tribute to Fats Waller
1987-Third Kind of Blue
1987-New New York Jazz
1987-Live with future
1987-Great Basie Eight
1987-Funk Night
1987-Bob Stewart Group
1986-Tribute to Monk
1986-Posters at Polzer
1986-Niklaus Troxler Poster Exhibition
1986-Murray & Murray
1986-Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto
1986-29th Street Saxophone Quartet
1986-20 Years Little Theater Lucerne
1985-Vienna Art Orchestra/Werner Lüdi Sunnymoon
1985-Lucerne True Voucher
1985-Jim Pepper's Pow Wow
1985-Hermeto Pascoal
1984-Vocal Summit
1984-International Carnival Willisau
1984-Fox Hunt
1984 Pierre Favre Percussion Group
1984 Jazz Festival Willisau
1983-Urs Blöchlinger & Legfek Orchestra
1983-Jazz meets India
1983-Jazz Festival
1983-James Newton
1983-Ethinic Heritage Ensemble
1983-Dave Holland Quintet
1982-Arthur Blythe Quintet
1982-Arthur Blythe 1
1981-Sax Time
1981-Kalaparusha Quintet
1981-Jazz Festival
1981-Jazz Bass
1981-Circus KNIE
1981-15 years Little Theater Lucerne
1980-Sun Ra Arkestra
1980-Nat Adderley
1980-McCoy Tyner
1980-Industry Culture


1979-Sam Rivers
1979-Jazz Fest Willisau
1979-George Coleman Quartet
1978-New Anthony Braxton Quintet
1978-Jazz Festival
1978-Don Pullen Quartet
1978-Dexter Gordon
1977-Mike Osborne/Irene Schweizer
1977-Clifford Thornton
1976-The Trio
1976-Keith Jarrett
1976-Jazz Festival
1976-Archie Shepp Group
1976-10 years Little Theater Lucerne
1975-Marion Brown
1975-Joe McPhee
1975-Jazz Festival willisau
1975-Anthony Braxton Quintet
1974-Quartête à Tête
1974-Mike Osborne Trio
1974-Graham Collier Music
1974-Frank Wright Quartet
1973-Stu Martin
1973-Michel Portal Unit
1973-Keith Jarrett solo
1973-John Warren Big Band
1973-Jeremy Steig/Association P.C.
1973-Brotherhood of Breath
1973-Ad Poster Niklaus Troxler
1972-Keith Jarrett Trio
1972-European Jazz Unity
1972-Dollar Brand
1971-The Trio
1971-Schlippenbach Quartett
1971-Michal Urbaniak
1971-Exhibition Niklaus Troxler
1971- Alan Skidmore-Irene Schweizer
1970-Spontaneous Music Ensemble
1970-Schlippenbach Quartet
1970-Pierre Favre Trio meets Trevor Watts
1970-Dave Pike Set
1970-Champion Jack Dupree
1970 John Tchicai Trio


1969-Spontaneous Music Ensemble
1969-Jazz Focus 65
1969-Dave Pike Set
1968-Marcel Bernasconi Quartet

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